9 Reasons to Get Nutrient Injections

Ideally, every person would be eating a fully nutritious and balanced diet that gave them everything they needed to remain healthy and thrive every day. Unfortunately, though, that becomes less and less of a reality the more convenient our lives become. Fast food and dining out have reduced the amount of time we need toRead More

IV Therapy for Athletes

Athletes understand it best — frequent intense workouts place a significant amount of stress on the body, making it challenging to achieve optimal athletic performance. Professional and amateur athletes alike know the importance of effective training and recovery plans. Without a consistent pre- and post-competition health regimen, it’s impossible to function at your highest level.Read More

Types of Regenerative Medicine for Sports Injuries

Regular participation in sports and exercise has countless health benefits. Unfortunately, it also means an increased risk of injury. Athletes continuously push their bodies to the limit in pursuit of greater strength, speed, balance, endurance and agility. Proper care is key to achieving optimal physical performance and avoiding the sidelines – but sports injuries areRead More