What makes a top doctor? There are many factors. Fortunately, one doctor in the Annapolis area has them all. If you are an individual currently suffering from chronic pain and you are looking for solutions that go beyond reducing your discomfort but which also give you your life back, you can make one critical call now — to Dr. Zvezdomir “Zed” Zamfirov at All Star Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine.

What’s Up Media has just named Dr. Zed Zamfirov “Top Doc” in their 2019-2020 annual review of the best of the best in the Greater Maryland area. However, to really understand what this designation means — and, more importantly, what it means to the quality of the care you will receive when you visit his practice — let us introduce you to the doctor now. Quickly, you will see why pain sufferers visit and continue to see Dr. Zed for all their orthopedic needs.

For most of Dr. Zed’s life, he’s wanted just one thing — to help people live healthier, more active and happier lives

Dr. Zed began his medical career in orthopedic in 1987 but his story starts much earlier. Always active and involved in sports, including professionally, Dr. Zed knew, from a young age, that helping people would be the focus of life. The natural choice for Zed was medical school with a focus on orthopedic medicine, an area of medicine he knew firsthand through competitive sports.

Dr. Zed’s consistent drive to be the best both in athletics and medicine led him to a physical medicine and rehabilitation residency at Georgetown University and the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington, DC — among the most prestigious programs of their kind in the United States — and ultimately to private practice in the Annapolis area.

Since 2007, Dr. Zed has made an impact on countless patients’ lives and for clients with highly-diverse medical needs. His patient-focused philosophy ultimately led to his opening his own practice, All Star Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine, in 2017, where the doctor could realize his complete vision for patient care, with a compassionate, highly-qualified and like-minded staff of professionals in orthopedic to help him.

Dr. Zed Also Understands the Unique Challenges You Face and What Getting Well Means to You

Training alone doesn’t create an exceptional doctor, however. A good doctor has to understand the unique and specific challenges you face to propose an effective course of treatment that will achieve your goals. Dr. Zed has been there. As a former professional athlete, he knows what it is like to drive your body hard and the devastating consequences you will have to cope with when you have injuries or when problems develop.

Dr. Zed knows the cost that constant pain or immobility can have, not only to your physical health but also to your greater sense of wellbeing. This perspective, derived from his personal experience, powerfully informs the care he provides. Dr. Zed’s goals are to restore your lifestyle and quality of life so you can do everything you love again, without missing a beat. It is a life well-lived — without pain — that is the doctor’s ultimate goal for each patient.

Dr. Zed offers innovative, state-of-the-art solutions for restored function, not just pain relief

Dr. Zed’s profound understanding of the problems that chronic pain and joint problems can cause has driven him to select and offer today’s most innovative medical solutions. Now, individuals seeking pain relief have more effective options that produce longer-lasting results than ever before, thanks to Dr. Zed. The doctor has been committed to making the safest of these available to his patients throughout his career and was the first to offer these advanced therapies to Annapolis area patients.

Some of Dr. Zed’s patients may find the relief which has eluded them up till now through spinal cord stimulation (SCS), for example — a technique that can reduce chronic pain by 50 to 70 percent in some patients. SCS often gives patients freedom from pain where all other pain-reduction methods have failed. However, among the most innovative treatments available, and offered by Dr. Zed, are regenerative treatments, like stem cell therapy.

While pain management remains a crucial aspect of care for most patients, regenerative medicine can raise the bar, not only reducing pain but also healing damaged areas for enhanced, long-term results. By helping your body repair the causes of your pain at their source through safe, natural treatments, you can enjoy greater comfort, mobility and freedom and live the life you were meant for. Regenerative care offers patients many benefits.

For example, stem cell therapy offered by Dr. Zed is exceptionally versatile. It can help your body repair and restore a wide range of problems and regressive conditions, such as torn ligaments or meniscus, degenerative disc disease, tendonitis and other contact injuries. This treatment modality is also completely natural since it uses your body’s own healing resources — such as stem cells or platelet-rich plasma — for a completely natural solution that is also entirely safe. Using these advanced therapies, Dr. Zed can bring patients long-term wellness and the lifestyles they seek and deserve.

Visit Top Doc Dr. Zed Zamfirov Today for Care That Puts You Back in Control of Your Life

Dr. Zed Zamfirov has the training, experience, patient focus and leading treatments that make him the best choice for nearly every patient seeking to leave chronic pain and debilitating injuries behind them. Dr. Zed’s patients and peers recognize his contributions to orthopedic care and his genuine compassion for patients, regardless of the type or extent of their injuries.

You don’t have to rely on Dr. Zed’s Top Doc status alone, however, to decide whether to visit All Star Pain Management. Talk to his past and current patients. Their overwhelmingly positive experiences and extreme loyalty perhaps provide the best indicator of the character of the doctor and the care you can expect to receive from him and his entire staff.

Call 443-808-1808 to meet the doctor for yourself. Dr. Zed loves meeting new patients and creating the best treatment plan to serve their individual goals. You deserve to live a comfortable, pain-free and active life now. Dr. Zed and All Star Pain Management can help you do just that.