At All Star Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine, our priority is getting you back on your feet. Whether you suffer from symptoms of aging like arthritis or back pain, sports injuries like golfer’s or tennis elbow, or chronic pain from an orthopedic condition, we are here to help. Equipped with cutting-edge regenerative treatments designed to provide long-lasting results with minimal side effects and downtime, we can offer you relief from your chronic pain or debilitating injury. Schedule a consultation with us to learn why we want to be your team for life.


The All Star Difference

Founded in 2017 with a mission to provide comprehensive pain relief to patients in the Annapolis, Greater Baltimore and Washington D.C. areas, we have quickly established ourselves as leaders in pain management and regenerative medicine. We set ourselves apart by targeting not only your chronic pain but also the underlying orthopedic condition that causes it in the first place. We truly believe that authentic and successful recovery needs to work from the inside out, which is why our cutting-edge treatments are designed to repair and regenerate damaged, aged or diseased tissue for prolonged results.


Our All Star Pain Relief Team

All Star Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine is led by a team of well-qualified and highly-trained pain relief professionals.

Our founder Dr. Zvezdomir Zamfirov (Dr. Zed) decided to establish his own brand of pain relief practice after working extensively in orthopedics for many years. Dr. Zed received his medical degree in 1987 and later pursued a specialization in orthopedic medicine and sports trauma, creating the foundation upon which he established All Star Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Zed stands out due to his years of experience serving as a sports physician for professional soccer and canoe teams, his Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency completed at Georgetown University, and his own personal passion for helping patients overcome their chronic pain.

Working alongside Dr. Zed, Janet Ascione, NP-C, and Patrick Comegys, PA, help deliver passionate and committed care to patients at All Star Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine. As an experienced nurse, Janet understands how essential genuine compassion and empathy are for successful treatment, helping her provide a personal level of care for each one of her patients at All Star Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine. Having recently joined the All Star team, Patrick brings a wealth of orthopedic expertise to benefit the practice and all our patients.

At All Star Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine, we’re not just your care providers; we are your team for life. Managing chronic pain requires constant treatment, which makes the need for an integrity-driven and individualized approach to patient care as important as the life-changing services that we provide. Dr. Zed is involved with each of his patient’s care from start to finish, personally overseeing every aspect of treatment at his clinic. Schedule a consultation with us to learn about the All Star difference firsthand.


What We Can Do for You

Living with pain is an incredibly common concern for many adult men and women, which is why our team has made it our mission to help men and women everywhere live pain-free. Our minimally invasive, interventional treatments can help you get back on your feet without resorting to surgery and the lengthy and uncomfortable recovery that it may require. We provide a diverse range of treatment options, all designed to help you return to your previous level of function with minimal downtime necessary.

Our cutting-edge procedures are performed under image guidance to ensure accurate delivery of your pain relief treatment. Using ultrasound technology and fluoroscopy, an advanced X-ray imaging technique, Dr. Zed can provide effective spinal and joint injections for long-lasting pain relief. We also offer interventional pain relief using medication management, with a variety of conservative options available.

For truly lasting treatment, we recommend regenerative procedures to our patients whenever possible. While pain management via injections and medication can successfully improve quality of life for many of our patients, regenerative medicine offers a level of treatment that heals from the inside out. Rather than simply focusing on symptoms, regenerative treatments target the orthopedic conditions at the heart of the issue. At All Star Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine, we offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy and alpha-2 macroglobulin (A2M) therapy for our patients interested in regenerative medicine. We are also the only practice in the area that offers Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate.

Your Pain Relief Consultation

Our consultation process is simple, personal and designed to provide precise care for your unique needs. After scheduling an appointment with us, you will sit down one-on-one with Dr. Zed to review the history of your pain, injury or orthopedic condition. He will review any X-rays or MRIs you may already have and discuss whether updated imaging is necessary. Once Dr. Zed has established a thorough understanding of your needs, he can begin to recommend procedures and create a tailored treatment plan. Dr. Zed treats every patient on an individual basis, ensuring you receive care that is designed specifically for you.

Consultations are scheduled at our Glen Burnie and Annapolis offices. Any regenerative medicine procedures will then be performed in our Annapolis office. Once you book a follow-up appointment after your consultation, we will maintain communication with you leading up to your treatment so you know exactly what to expect on the day of the procedure. Dr. Zed and our office will then continue to touch base with you for about six months following your procedure to track the improvements in your symptoms and your quality of life. We want to make sure you are absolutely thrilled with your results, which is why we go the extra mile to follow-up with you long after you leave our office.

Call Today to Begin Living Life Pain Free

No one is immune to chronic pain and injury. If your quality of life has continued to be affected by debilitating pain, it’s time to make a change. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Zed at All Star Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine to learn how our cutting-edge treatments can get you back to doing what you love. Call us today to book your appointment and become an all star with us.

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