“On June 4, 2019, at around 8 p.m. on the summit of Mount Logan, I became a living embodiment of [Dr. Zed’s] dream,” writes Bradley Skorepa, age 60. What follows is the story of how Dr. Zed Zamfirov helped one of his patients achieve his dream, but this account begins with a friendship.

Two Friends with Two Different Dreams

“I have known Dr. Zed long enough to remember how proud he was when All Star Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine opened,” Bradley, a recent patient of Dr. Zed, writes. Bradley continues, “I can remember [Dr. Zed] saying, ‘I have always dreamed of being able to do regenerative work as well as corrective work.’”

Bradley had his own dreams, as well. A passionate outdoorsman and mountain climber, Bradley had his eyes, feet and heart set on climbing Mount Logan. For those who don’t know it, Mount Logan is, in Bradley’s words, “the largest non-volcanic massif in the world, the second-highest mountain in North America and the highest mountain in Canada.”

Bradley, however, had one major problem stopping him from realizing this goal. “In June of 2018, I couldn’t get a full night’s sleep due to discomfort from arthritis in my left knee.” Bradley saw many doctors to try to control his pain and regain control of his life but a solution seemed out of reach — until one doctor referred him to Dr. Zed.

Finally, A Solution

We’ll let Bradley explain for himself what happened next: “I immediately called Dr. Zed, who carefully explained to me the nuances of stem cell harvesting, locations and techniques.”

Dr. Zed felt confident that the technique could address Bradley’s immediate concerns — intense, continual pain — and also achieve much more for him. Injection of stem cells, which have the capability of evolving into more specialized cells, have been shown to help regenerate cartilage in patients with osteoarthritis in the knees, effectively reversing the condition’s symptoms.

Bradley also felt confident that the treatment, backed by Dr. Zed’s extensive experience performing it and also ample clinical research, would be the right next step. “In August 2018, I set up my appointment with All Star Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine for stem cell treatment, which included injections of bone-marrow harvested stem cells, followed by platelet-rich plasma.”

The Unbelievable Result

It’s probably best to let Bradley tell you the outcome of his procedure in his own words:

“Less than a year later, there I was, the oldest member of an expedition of eight climbers on the summit of Mount Logan … After a fifteen-day ski mountaineering ascent, summit day was an eleven-hour ski ascent and boot climb to the summit and then a two-hour descent back to camp. The following morning, we started the two-day descent off of the mountain.”

Thanks to Dr. Zed, Bradley achieved a lifelong dream, a goal he never dreamed was possible before meeting the doctor, scheduling his in-person consultation and having one of the most promising new treatments for osteoarthritis, stem cell therapy.

Mount Logan Summit – June 4th, 2019

The Difference Between Ordinary and Exceptional Care

In the medical space, a lot of emphasis is placed on the “patient relationship.” The term stands in for how well your doctor knows you and how much trust you place in his care and advice. If both of these measures are high, then, according to these criteria, you should be able to expect a high-quality outcome, one that resolves your medical concerns to your satisfaction.

Another term that patients often hear used is “compassionate care.” Like the term patient relationship, the term compassionate care has a very specific meaning for men and women looking for a new doctor. The phrase identifies whether your doctor has a genuine concern for your situation aside from merely a clinical interest in a medical problem. You often intuitively know which category applies to your doctor.

Many doctors will use these terms to sell themselves to you as the one doctor you should choose to have your procedure or surgery. However, when a patient writes about their doctor and demonstrates how he exemplifies these values, these terms can take on a whole different meaning. Bradley Skorepa is just one of Dr. Zed’s many satisfied patients who have taken the time to share his experiences with the doctor with others so they, too, can get the help they need to start living active and meaningful lives again.

Razorback Mountain – August 7th, 2019

Dr. Zed Zamfirov — here for every patient, here for you

Dr. Zed Zamfirov understands. His interest in orthopedic began on the soccer field, where he played professionally before beginning his medical studies. The doctor knows firsthand how difficult joint pain and damage can be and what an effect it can have on your life, livelihood and wellbeing. That’s what drives the doctor to choose the safest and most effective treatments and make them available to his patients so they can restore their mobility and live well again. His patients confirm this.

Bradley concludes, “Congratulations to Dr. Zed for not only fulfilling his dreams but helping me achieve mine as well. Thank you to All Star Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine for adding many fulfilling years to my active life, even with arthritis. — With much appreciation, Bradley J. Skorepa, age 60.”

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