What Does Functional Somatic Syndrome mean?

A functional somatic syndrome is a term that covers symptoms which are just not easily explained in medical terms but, it could even relate to many conditions. A good example of this would be muscle and joint pain. There may have been trauma and so, various causes or, even conditions such as fibromyalgia.   OtherRead More

Injections for Pain Relief

Chronic pain can be the result of a variety of factors – from aging spinal discs to joint irritation. But if there is one thing that is common to many painful conditions, it is inflammation. This is why, reducing inflammation is one of the primary goal of pain treatments. Injection procedures can help to reduceRead More

The Main Causes of Abdominal Bloating and What to do about it

We have all suffered the discomfort of abdominal bloating at some point. This uncomfortable feeling often occurs following a good meal is commonly associated with digestion problems. It can be both painful and embarrassing. Did you know, that there are many other potential causes that you really should be aware of? Most people would describeRead More

What is Flank Pain? The Causes and Symptoms

If describing flank pain, bear in mind that it is a symptom and not an actual condition. Most people experience it at some point as it is very common. So, what is flank pain? It is a pain that starts on one side of the body, usually just below the ribs but above the pelvis.Read More