Injections for Pain Relief

Chronic pain can be the result of a variety of factors – from aging spinal discs to joint irritation. But if there is one thing that is common to many painful conditions, it is inflammation. This is why, reducing inflammation is one of the primary goal of pain treatments. Injection procedures can help to reduce inflammation to achieve pain relief.


Inflammation is a natural immune response the body has that helps in healing. But prolonged inflammation can cause discomfort, swelling and even loss of function, apart from chronic pain.


Injections can calm the inflammatory response by delivering a combination of anti-inflammatory medications directly to the site of damage and pain. Usually, a local anesthetic (for immediate relief) and a steroid medication (for reducing inflammation in the long-term) is injected to effectively relieve pain for up to several months.

Injections can help in obtaining pain relief in a variety of pain conditions, such as spine issues, and painful joints.

At All Star Pain Management, your pain management doctors are trained and extensively experienced in administering inflammation-reducing, pain relief injections. To ensure accuracy of injection, they utilize a specialized X-ray or fluoroscope during procedures.

The pain relief from injections not only increases the patient’s relief and tolerance for activity, it also allows them to undergo physical therapy. A comprehensive approach to pain management often includes physical therapy to extend the pain-reliving effects of injections, and to prevent pain recurrence and re-injury.