Diabetic Nerve Pain Treatment – The Solution to Diabetic Neuropathy

Type-two diabetes is a disease that is on the rampage in the western world. Some Asian countries are also seeing a huge increase in recently diagnosed type-two diabetes patients, and this is thought to be because of a change in diet potentially linked to fast food companies as they expand into these countries. Of course, there are other factors to consider. Diet at home should be healthy with less processed foods and, if you have a sedentary lifestyle, this has often been associated with diabetes. There are other factors though, but an improved diet and more exercise will often help control symptoms.


Diabetic neuropathy is a very painful condition caused by the high blood glucose associated with the diabetic condition. This is extremely worrying for sufferers as diabetes as it is well documented that it is the main cause for amputations. There are many horror stories available about this and if you have read any, you will know that damage to the nerve fibers of the body is one of them.


Early symptoms can include.


  • A numbing sensation in the fingers or toes
  • Pins and needles
  • Stabbing pain that may become acute
  • Chronic pain in the muscles and limbs over time
  • Extreme sensitivity
  • Ulcers on the feet
  • Muscles aching or cramping.


Not everyone has the same extreme symptoms, and for those who manage to control their blood glucose, there may only be mild symptoms. For those that suffer in a more extreme way, it can be a major problem as it limits mobility and affects life on a daily basis. Plus, there is always the prospect in the back of the mind that it could lead to an amputation at some point.


All is not lost though as there is ground-breaking treatment available that may take the pain away.


Diabetic nerve pain treatment



Spinal cord stimulation is a breakthrough in treating chronic pain. It can be used to control pain caused by diabetic neuropathy and so, this will provide a great relief if you are a sufferer of this condition. Where there is reduced sleep, this can easily lead to depression and anxiety and of course, almost unbearable pain. Spinal cord stimulation is usually introduced into a pain management system after other more conventual methods if they have produced less than satisfactory results. It does require an operation and a small device is placed near to the spinal column. The idea is that the device sends out electrical signals that interfere with the pain signals being sent out to the brain. This is a highly effective method of pain control.


It is normal to have a trial period before the device is inserted properly and this is to be sure that it suits you. If there is a positive response, the device is implanted while you are under heavy sedation. It is expected that there be a little discomfort afterward, but this normally passes quickly. Full instructions and guidance are given thereafter and of course, you would be monitored.


This method of pain control for diabetic nerve pain is changing people’s lives in a very positive way and although it does not stop the progression of diabetic neuropathy, it does enhance your life again and give you freedom from pain and this is important. It is certainly worth asking medical health professionals for more information, especially if normal pain management has so far had less successful results.