Medial Branch Radiofrequency Neurotomy

A medial branch radiofrequency neurotomy is a procedure performed on patients who are suffering from pain caused by inflammation of certain joints of the spine. When the joints are inflamed, the soft tissue of these structures swells up which compresses the nerves that surround them.   The procedure specifically targets the medial branch nerves whichRead More

Ultrasound-Guided Pain Management For Foot Pain

Pain can be a debilitating experience. When extreme, it can disrupt daily functions and force one to go to great lengths to seek relief. Foot pain can be especially limiting and disabling as it affects walking, running and in some cases, even standing. People experience foot pain for a wide variety of conditions, and forRead More

Radiofrequency Lesioning: Treating Neck and Back Pain

Radiofrequency lesioning, also known as radiofrequency ablation, rhizotomy or neurotomy, can treat low back and neck pain, arising from the facet joints of the spine. Damaged or degenerating facet joints in the spine are the leading cause of chronic low back and neck pain. This is especially common among seniors and those people who haveRead More

Have Pain Relief with In-Office Injections Done Accurately

What are In-Office Injections? How do they work? Also known as Peripheral Intra-Articular Injections, a bit deep when it comes to terminology? In layman’s terms, it is called joint injections. It is used to diagnose and treat conditions on different joints in the body. Knee Hip Shoulder Ankles Elbow Wrist Sacroiliac These joints may beRead More

What is a Nerve Block and Who Should Get One?

Pain, especially chronic pain, can negatively impact your quality of life. The underlying conditions that cause chronic pain are often not treatable. Fortunately, pain medicine offers minimally invasive, interventional pain treatments to provide lasting pain relief and improved quality of life. Nerve block is an interventional treatment that is essentially an injection of a steroidsRead More