What is Regenerative Medicine and How Can It Benefit the Arthritic Sufferer?

The human body is complex but highly efficient when it comes to naturally healing itself. In the main, it does this quite efficiently. But, regenerative medicine is currently exploring how as a treatment method, this can be further enhanced by using the natural power of the body’s resources. Restoring damaged tissues and organs in a way that was previously unavailable is the main goal.

This field of work is expanding all the time and amazingly even organs that were once thought to be permanently damaged may now be repairable – in certain cases. The future of regenerative medicine is a very exciting one and will almost certainly change the path as to how many health conditions are currently treated by mainstream health care.


People with ArthritisWhat can regenerative medicine be used for today?

Many conditions can already be treated by using regenerative medicine and in particular, joint-related health conditions. Arthritic problems affect so many people and certainly causes chronic pain and severe immobility. There are many different types of arthritic conditions and, these conditions can attack the body at any age. While some are due to wear and tear of the joints, others are highly degenerative and damage the joints affecting their usage and how they look. Rheumatoid arthritis is one example of this. Stem cells can now be used to treat some of these painful conditions with amazing results. This is certainly good news for the nearly 30-million Americans who are currently suffering from arthritic conditions.


Knee joints are especially prone to be affected and the cause can be wear and tear through overuse in sports or, perhaps, in a job that places a great demand on these weight-bearing joints. The main problem is often the cartilage. It continues to grow but growth is simply not fast enough to keep up with any degenerative joint conditions. Regeneration treatment has proved to be highly successful at easing the pain and bringing back mobility to the joint. This successful procedure can save sports careers but, it can save lives too because, for some people, they are often unable to get out to work or even to get around and be independent.


Regenerative medicine

How It Works

The ability to relieve chronic pain, promote healing and for tissue repair is a major breakthrough for arthritis sufferers and it is already changing people’s lives in a very positive way. The procedure requires an injection that is highly accurately delivered straight to the exact place it is needed. One of the main benefits is that the stem cells are extracted directly from the patient and so, this makes it so much easier for these cells to be accepted. It’s a fast and efficient treatment.  Patents only require a local anesthetic and so it is a really appealing option for those who want non-evasive treatments but who are desperate to get their health and lives back on track. is used. Arthritic joint problems are likely to be treated in this way from now on. In fact, there is so much potential for the use of stem cells going forward and it may well revolutionize health treatments in the future.