Spinal Cord Stimulation – The New Hope for Chronic Pain Patients

If you are suffering from chronic low back, arm or leg pain, spinal cord stimulation could be an effective treatment option for you.

Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS)

SCS involves surgically implanting a device that transmits small amounts of electrical current to targeted spinal cord nerves to help patients find relief from the chronic pain they feel in their lower backs, arms, or legs. The electric pulses prevent the patient’s brain from receiving pain signals.

Patients who choose this procedure must undergo a spinal cord stimulator trial to help determine if it will offer them adequate relief.

SCS Procedure

During the procedure, the patient lies on the stomach and a local anesthetic (and a mild sedative, if required) is administered. The doctor then inserts a thin needle into the patient’s back and then one or more leads are implanted, connected to a small trial stimulator that will be taped to the back. The patient gets a device that allows him/her to modify the electrical signals sent to the painful area.

The trial may last for a week. If the patient experiences adequate pain relief, permanent wire and stimulator is implanted.

SCS Success Rates

SCS is an effective way to treat chronic back pain and neuropathic pain. Studies show a 90% success rate and up to 70% pain reduction for most patients.