At All Star Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine, your pain is our priority. With state-of-the-art treatments designed to provide you with the most pain relief possible, Dr. Zvezdomir Zamfirov (Dr. Zed) and our compassionate staff are ready to help you improve your quality of life. We offer an extensive variety of treatment methods to serve patients with varying needs in the Annapolis, Greater Baltimore and Washington D.C. areas. If you have been letting chronic pain control your life, make a change today by scheduling a consultation with one of our pain relief experts and learning about all of our services.


Fluoroscopically Guided Spinal Injections

Back pain is an incredibly prevalent issue, which is we offer image-guided spinal injections for fast-acting relief. Fluoroscopy, an advanced X-ray imaging system, allows Dr. Zed to perform his spinal injections accurately and precisely. Several different treatment options exist for guided spinal injections. Dr. Zed can determine which option is best for you following an in-person consultation and evaluation of your symptoms.

The most common injections used to alleviate pain stemming from the spine all target varying types of concerns, including inflamed nerves, herniated discs and spinal stenosis, as well as joint problems in the facet and sacroiliac joints. Following a fluoroscopically guided spinal injection, most patients can enjoy satisfying pain relief for many months. Each procedure produces different results and Dr. Zed will explain the pros and cons of each injection type during your consultation.

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In-Office Joint Injections

Chronic joint pain is a source of constant irritation and stress for many men and women. Aging, injury and disease are all common causes of joint pain, making everyone susceptible to joint issues. Dr. Zed offers in-office joint injections using ultrasound guidance to help his patients safely and conveniently receive relief from their joint pain. In-office joint injections can be performed in a variety of locations, including the knees, hips, shoulders, ankles and more.

Using ultrasound guidance, Dr. Zed can accurately inject his patient’s joints with corticosteroids to provide quick relief while minimizing the risk of incorrect needle placement. Most patients begin to notice an improvement in their joint pain after 48 hours and enjoy their results for two to six months at a time. Local anesthesia is used to ensure a comfortable procedure. Joint injections can be repeated once the initial results wear off. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Zed if you are suffering from chronic joint pain to learn more about our in-office, ultrasound guided joint injections.

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Medication Management of Acute and Chronic Pain

Medication management is one of the most convenient forms of pain management. Pain relieving medication can target both acute pain that has lasted less than three months and chronic pain that has persisted for several months. Medicated options for treating acute and chronic pain can range from over-the-counter drugs like acetaminophen and aspirin to prescription opioids and more. Dr. Zed will determine if medication management is the best approach for targeting your acute or chronic pain during an in-person consultation. Dr. Zed will also discuss all contraindications and risks of prescription pain medication, including addiction and liver injury, during your consultation.

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Interventional Pain Management

Interventional pain management procedures work to provide relief for acute and chronic pain using the most minimally invasive techniques available. While other pain management options provide only temporary relief or require overly invasive procedures that lead to an uncomfortable recovery, interventional pain management procedures can eliminate pain with minimal side effects, risk and recovery.

Advanced therapies, like radiofrequency ablation, can alleviate pain with prolonged results and very few downsides. Other interventional pain management techniques include epidural steroid injections, joint injections, nerve blocks and spinal cord stimulator implants. In addition to being a pain relief all star, Dr. Zed is also an experienced orthopedic surgeon who has operated on many internationally known athletes. Dr. Zed’s skill makes him wholly qualified to offer interventional pain management procedures for his patients.

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Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is a cutting-edge branch of medicine that focuses on repairing and regenerating damaged tissue to alleviate pain. Rather than simply target pain itself, regenerative therapies work to repair the issue at the source of the pain for lasting results. Regenerative medicine is quickly rising in popularity to complement or replace common pain management techniques by offering long-lasting relief for arthritis, injury, disease and more.

At All Star Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine, we offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate and alpha-2 macroglobulin (A2M) therapy to our patients interested in regenerative procedures. All three procedures utilize the body’s own innate growth factors and healing processes to accelerate new tissue growth and relieve pain. Dr. Zed can explain each procedure in depth during an in-person consultation. Many patients faced with a sports-related injury or chronic disease find success in regenerative medicine, and Dr. Zed is excited to offer these revolutionary treatments to his patients.

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Spinal Cord Stimulator Implants

For patients struggling with severe chronic back pain, spinal cord stimulator implants may provide a solution. Spinal cord stimulator implants are typically prescribed as a last resort option for patients who have already undergone other pain management procedures but experienced little to no pain relief. Spinal cord stimulation has been shown to have a 90 percent success rate and reduce pain by up to 70 percent for most patients.

Before patients can receive a spinal cord stimulator implant, they may first need to undergo a trial period using partial implantation. If the trial proves to be successful, then the device may be surgically implanted under general anesthesia. Once implanted, the device emits a specialized electrical current that disrupts pain signal transmission to drastically reduce chronic or neuropathic back pain. Dr. Zed can discuss your candidacy for spinal cord stimulator implants following an in-depth consultation.

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