Kidney Pain Symptoms and Other Serious Flank Pain Related Problems

When we think of pain, we often think about surface pain and place the emphasis on that being the injured or damaged area, but when it comes to our organs, you may experience discomfort in both the front and the back of the torso. With common back pain and stomach problems, it is very easy to confuse the area which needs to be treated, although, it becomes slightly easier when there are kidney pain symptoms. It is important to always seek medical advice and kidney pain and the cause of it will be very quickly diagnosed.


Kidney Pain Symptoms Often, back and stomach pain tends to start with abdominal discomfort first and then, the pain will radiate through to the back. Of course, the words back and stomach pain will cover a large spectrum in diagnostic terms but, it is important to monitor how and when the pain starts so to ensure your doctor has all the information necessary for an accurate diagnosis. Clarify the extent of pain too as well as how it spread across the body.


When both stomach and the lower back pain kidney area are combined, it can indicate some serious problems including:

  • Heart attack
  • Gallbladder and pancreas disease
  • Injury or disease to any part of the gut that is situated deep inside the abdomen
  • Kidney problems
  • Peptic ulcers


The prospect of a heart attack creates thoughts of a stabbing pain in the chest but in reality, heart attack pain can emulate from many regions in the body and the stomach is one of them. It does tend to originate from the upper abdomen and can take the form of severe to mild discomfort. Pain associated with heart attacks that start in the abdomen normally spreads up the left arm and often, into the jaw. This does not mean you should panic at the prospect of pain that occurs in this way, but take precautions and where doubt exists, seek medical advice.


Gallstones can often be the cause of pancreatitis which is the inflammation of the pancreas and will lead to severe stomach and back pain. This disease can also be triggered by excessive consumption of alcohol and a poor diet. The pain caused by this condition is often worse when lying down.


Kidney stones are often the cause of severe back and stomach pain and are normally easy to diagnose. There can be further complications when an infection is also present. The size of the stone and where it is situated dictate exactly where the pain will be felt. Often ultrasound will be used to break up the stones and this makes the exit from the body easier and less painful.


Peptic ulcers can be severely disruptive and extremely painful. An ulcer is a hole or small pit in the small intestine or bowel. They can be caused by extra acid production and stress. Fried fatty or spicy foods tend to be a trigger and stressful situations should be avoided if possible. Sufferers often describe a burning pain after eating that can be both in the stomach and back.


Any injury that has caused trauma internally in the abdomen can also cause pain in the back region. Also, serious infections may also be the cause of both back and stomach pain too. If any pain is felt in the abdomen first and then, begins to radiate through to the back, it would be a sign to seek medical advice as quickly as possible. It is also important to remember that although the above conditions are serious, there are a great number of lesser conditions that can cause both back and stomach discomfort too.