Getting Athletes Running Again with Stem Cell Therapy

Professional athletes push their bodies to the edge and it is a very thin line between injury and being in top form. In runners, knee joints wear down over time and cartilage problems often set in with osteoarthritis following close behind. This happens at all levels of running and can ruin a career or affect an exercise plan. However, it is the Achilles tendon which is the most common problem for runners.


The Achilles tendon is situated at the back of the heel on each foot. Overstretching this tendon can cause tears that are not only very painful but that restrict mobility. The tendon is made up of cells which are naturally slow to mend, and this makes it very frustrating for an injured sportsperson. Timeout from competing is one thing but time out from training is another and as every athlete knows this loss of training time can have a devasting effect on the rest of the competitive season.   


Stem cell therapy offers runners a chance to get back to training far more quickly than they could have imagined before. It is not just runners that are recognizing the benefits from this breakthrough in modern medicine as other athletes from different sports have already undergone stem cell therapy for a host of various problems. Rafael Nadal the famous tennis player is a prime example.


Stem cell therapy is a regenerative medicine that is both safe and minimally invasive. The stem cells used can come from the patient’s own bone marrow or sometimes, fat cells. It is a simple procedure to collect stems cells from the hip bone and then, separate them down into their various components, injecting them back into the problem area. These then promote new growth and efficiency, the body starts healing itself. Most patients only need one treatment. There is little pain and the risks of infections are very small. There is no scarring and because the cells come from your own body, they are not rejected in the same way that foreign material is.


stem cell treatment for Rafael NadalStem cell regenerative treatment works with:

  • Ligament damage
  • Joint pain
  • Tendons
  • Muscle Tears


It has now become widely available and over the last few years, more well-known medical centers are beginning to recognize the importance of offering this service to the public. If you want to learn more about this amazing treatment, then check out this link to All Star Pain Management


Of course, it is not just professional athletes who can gain from having stem cell therapy. The treatment is open to the public and there are hundreds of ways that the non-athlete can find themselves with a damaged achilleas tendon. Any sudden twist or pull on that part of the body can cause serious damage. Repetitive movements can also be the culprit too.  If you have a job that requires you to stand for long periods of time, then, it would be impossible to work. This can last a long time as any movement and weight placed on it increase the pain and damage. Fortunately, the modern era offers solutions that were not available to previous generations.