Facet Blocks for Back Pain

Facet blocks provide targeted relief for chronic back pain. Facet joints are the joints between the vertebrae in your spine. These stabilize the spine, allowing you to rotate, bend and move. Facet joints provide the strength and stability your spine or back needs.

These facet joints may become inflamed due to injury or an underlying health condition, such as arthritis. This can create severe, debilitating pain. In such cases, a facet block can provide effective, lasting pain relief.

What is a Facet Block Procedure?

Specialized imaging equipment is used to locate the exact facet joint(s) that is causing your pain. The facet block will be performed using an anesthetic and/or steroid medication to reduce inflammation and block the pain signals from the affected area.

Depending on the severity, number of injections and medication used, relief from facet blocks lasts for days, weeks, even months. Facet blocks can be done as often as 3 times within a 6-month period.

Most patients report relief within 48-72 hours following the procedure. Facet blocks have shown very positive outcomes for the vast majority of patients.

If you have been suffering with chronic back pain, you may find great relief with a facet block. Talk to your pain specialist about facet block and other interventional pain treatments.

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