Chronic Neck or Back Pain? Relief Without Surgery is Possible

Are you suffering from severe pain in the back or neck? Almost everyone experiences at least some pain in these regions throughout their lives but, it can be frustrating and life-changing. It disrupts even the most basic of tasks. Severe pain can prevent social activities and exercise, and over time, may lead to feelings of depression.


There is always some anxiety that back or neck problems will not heal sufficiently and could lead to surgery. This increase feeling of pressure and this is certainly not needed during the healing process. Fortunately, some medical practices provide a less invasive way of helping to heal these health conditions.


Introducing Radiofrequency Ablation


This revolutionary treatment helps suffers from chronic pain all over the country. It involves placing targeted thermal heat directly on the problem areas and users are reporting relief from chronic pain for up to 18 months. Radiofrequency ablation is a minimally invasive treatment that requires just a local anesthetic and sometimes a mild sedative. Basically, a needle is passed close to a nerve and an electrical current is passed through. This heat disrupts the nerve signals and the individual gains much needed pain relief.


In most cases, a fluoroscopy would be used which provides more accuracy. This is essentially an x-ray which helps the medical expert to see exactly what is going on in real time helping to avoid nerve damage. It provides targeted delivery. The main discomfort from this procedure is when the electrical pulse is applied as this can create a twitch in the muscles and sometimes, activates the pain you were already having but this is normally very brief.


The whole treatment is usually completed within 90-minutes and sometimes, far more quickly. There is no overnight stay at the hospital as patients return home later in the day. Your medical team is likely to advise you not to drive and to stay away from tasks that physically put a strain on you.

There are so many advances in medicine and leading health practices can now offer revolutionary pain management treatments.


  • Spine Injections
  • Joint Injections
  • Spinal cord stimulators
  • Occipital blocks
  • Radiofrequency ablation


In this modern era that we now live in, there is no need to put up with pain anymore. Chronic pain can be dealt with in a far less intrusive way than ever before. Chronic neck and back pain can really be life-changing as it infringes upon so many areas of daily life. Headaches may be experienced and with stiffness and tension setting in, it can add a sense of hopelessness to an already frustrating situation.


Once, you had only two choices, months or possibly years of taking pain-masking drugs that carry side-effects or, there was the possibility of surgery. Painkillers never reach the root of the problem and that should always be the main part of any procedure, plus, surgery always carries some risks.  If you suffer from chronic neck or back pain, it could be in your interest to find out more about these highly effective none-invasive treatments by clicking here.