Complications of Spinal Cord Stimulator

A spinal cord stimulator is an electrical unit that is inserted into the back and delivers impulses to relieve pain. The device comes with some complications as does any surgical procedure.  Complications are rare but patients need to be aware of the possible problems that can occur during and after the procedure.   Complications thatRead More

Cortisone Shot in Hip

Cortisone injections into the hip joint can alleviate pain by decreasing inflammation and providing long-term pain relief. The hip joint is susceptible to arthritis, mechanical stress, and injury that can cause pain in the hip, buttock, leg, and low back.   There are two main functions of the hip injection. These include: diagnosis pain reliefRead More

Migratory Joint Pain

Migratory joint pain is pain that is felt in a variety of joints that occurs at random intervals with/without warning signs or other symptoms. This strange condition has researchers baffled because they are unable to determine a definitive cause. Diagnosing and treating the condition is a challenge for medical professionals.   There a two differentRead More

Multiple Sclerosis Life Expectancy

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease that affects the central nervous system. The body’s immune system begins attacking the myelin, a protective layer that surrounds the nerve fibers. The result is inflammation, scar tissue, and lesions. The brain can no longer send messages to body parts.   MS is not fatal and life expectancyRead More

When can an Epidural Steroid Injection relieve Pain?

Epidural steroid injections are highly effective in providing pain relief to patients with lower back pain and leg pain. Epidural steroid injections (ESIs) are a non-surgical method of pain management for patients with sciatica and lower back pain. The epidural space is the outer part of the spinal canal. It is filled with CSF orRead More

Nerve Block for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain may have you looking for better pain management. A temporary or permanent nerve block can provide long-term relief for chronic pain. A nerve block is a procedure that disrupts nerve activity and can be used to diagnose or treat neuropathic pain or pain caused by nerve dysfunction or damage. Nerve blocks involve injectingRead More

Different Types of Neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy, if there is severe nerve damage, is not reversible; however, there are different varieties of neuropathy that are reversible and partially reversible. Some people, under the guidance of a practitioner, may be able to follow a treatment plan and reverse or partially reverse the damage done to the nerves. Peripheral nerves are foundRead More

Be Knowledgeable About Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS) is a general title given to pain and symptoms that occur when back surgery has been ineffective. A normal amount of pain and stiffness is expected post-operatively, as well as, soreness and muscle weakness for several weeks. In the case of spinal fusion, the body has to adjust to implants.Read More