Can a Spinal Cord Implant Be the Answer to Overcoming Chronic Back Pain?

A spinal cord implant is only considered when other treatments have failed to reduce the pain experienced or to heal the problem. But, it is a wonderful medical resource that can be used to combat chronic pain. It addresses many of the worst kinds of pain and offers relief when all else has failed. Simply, it requires a small generator, and this sends out pulses which interfere with the pain signals.


Your medical specialist will provide a trial stimulator and if successful, you would be allowed to have the non-trial version. There is very little discomfort in the fitting as the area will be numbed of course, but, patients often say they experience a small amount of soreness, but this fades quickly afterward.


This method has been successful in the treatment of these conditions:


  • Failed back syndrome
  • Acute nerve pain
  • Persistent pain syndrome


It is known to help a great many other health conditions where the usual pain management treatments have failed. Of course, each person has individual needs and so, it may not be a suitable treatment for you. Having a trial period is important and sometimes, there are adjustments needed to ensure the pulse is at the correct strength. It is usually highly effective.


On average, the pulse is set for one to two hours a day. Sometimes, you may find that having more than one session a day helps and if the pain is experienced as a tingling sensation, then, the pulse level is right. It would not need to be modified for a while. Evidence seems to point to it alleviating pain that has not responded well to normal pain management treatment. It appears that it also works well in aiding those with long-term chronic lower back pain. If you are suffering from chronic back pain, you will know how soul destroying it is. It leads to a lower quality of life and even starts to eat away at confidence levels. Often, there appears to be little chance of escaping from pain and so, this is why this treatment provides such relief for many patients.


A reliable medical center will be able to run the tests that show if this is the right treatment for you. If you are a positive candidate for this procedure, it may well offer you the relief that has so far alluded you. It must be said, however, that even though it provides a great relief for a great many people, it is likely that it will lose its effectiveness over time. Mainly because the body has grown tolerant to it but of course, there is the option to adjust the pulses. It may be that this treatment works well for you over a long period of time and gives you your life back. Certainly, by eliminating the pain, it does give your body a chance to fight back from an injury and to heal. Where pain is alleviated, it also opens up options for physical therapy which can help key areas of the body to become stronger and this can support any damaged or weak areas.