4 Common Stem Cell Therapy Myths Busted!

Stem cell therapy is a highly effective treatment to relieve chronic pain and allow the body to heal. An increasing number of doctors and patients now favour stem cell therapy over other treatments for its many advantages and virtually no risks or side effects.

However, many people still carry several myths and misconceptions about the treatment. To help you understand more, here is the truth about the common stem cell therapy myths.

Myth – Stem Cell Therapy is Illegal

One of the most common myths about stem cell therapy is that it is illegal.

The truth is that adult stem cells are not a drug or a medical device because they are taken from the patient and injected back into the patient’s body without being changed. So adult stem cell are completely in compliance with the laws.

Myth – Stem Cells only come from Embryos

Stem cells can be obtained from embryos but they are not the only source.

Bone marrow and adipose tissue can also yield stem cells, from where they can be drawn safely. These are also safe sources because they have extracted from the patient’s own body and then injected back.

Myth – Stem Cells can be Rejected by the Body

Stem cell therapy is NOT like organ transplant. Adult stem cells are the patient’s own natural cells, which are extracted from the body and injected back to treat knee arthritis, shoulder pain, rotator cuff injuries and much more. A person’s own stem cells do not pose any risk of rejection or any other complications.

Myth – Stem Cell Treatments are not Proven

Research and clinical trials have successfully proven the effectiveness of this treatment. Many major health conditions have been successfully treated with stem cells.