Video Testimonials


Both my left and right rotator cuffs are torn. I went to Dr. Zed’s office and was greeted by a very polite and pleasant staff. When Dr. Zed and his assistant entered the room I was waiting for the hurried conversation. Well to my pleasant surprise, when the doctor introduced himself I found that he didn’t talk at me, he spoke to me.

And when he asked me what was wrong, he never interrupted my conversation and actually seemed to be listening to me, instead of looking around the room or looking at his watch. I’ve had that a lot over the years.

Not Dr. Zed, he patiently explained what he thought might be the cause of my pain and what we could do to relieve it. After being in pain 24/7 i’m now at about 90% pain free in my neck and shoulders. WOW thanks Doc!

I have visited Dr. Zed numerous times for different issues and he has been able to administer injections without discomfort and the results are always excellent for me as they improve my condition. He and his staff are professional, courteous, and helpful. I would absolutely recommend Dr Zed!

—Betty K

I believe overall that regenerative therapy decreased the pain and arthritis in my knees and will delay the need for invasive surgery for a few years.My left knee has recovered to almost perfect condition. My right knee is much improved. I would suggest, however, that some level of exercises for arthritis are discussed and implemented throughout the series and following the series of procedures.

—Jan F.

Dr. Zed is healing me with regenerative medicine! I suffered for more than 2 years with hip pain from a labral tear. I came to Dr. Zed after arthroscopic surgery, physical therapy, nerve blocks, and treatments from other pain specialists failed to relieve the pain. Dr. Zed treated me with A2M, Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate, and PRP injections. His interventional technique is gentle and experienced, and his bedside manner is awesome. I had very little discomfort during the procedures, and the pain post-procedure was minimal and easily managed. I’m still not fully healed from the procedures, and I’m already standing, walking, and doing more than I’ve been able to do in years. The constant nagging, gnawing pain in my groin that didn’t improve with opioids and other treatments is gone. My only wish is that I had seen Dr. Zed for regenerative medicine sooner! I’ve been a nurse practitioner for 27 years and feel that Dr. Zed and his office staff offer care that is exponentially superior to any other pain management practice in the nation. Don’t hesitate, invest in yourself and get your life back with regenerative medicine!

—Evelyn Blaemire, CRNP Nurse Practitioner