Weight Loss Management

weight loss management

At All Star Wellness, our program goal is to get you feeling the best you can both mentally and physically and weight loss comes with it! We provide a comprehensive approach to health, wellness, vitality and pain-free living. We believe that a healthy weight and lifestyle are important foundations for living your best life. We also understand how challenging it can be to figure out what works without professional guidance. Our weight loss management program integrates medical resources, eating strategies, exercise and other healthy habits to help you achieve your ideal weight and body composition.

We use several approaches and treatments to personalize plans for patients who want to lose or manage their weight, as well as those who want to gain healthy weight and add muscle mass. We measure success not by the number on the scale, but rather by your overall wellness — how your body is performing, your energy levels, your mental and emotional well-being, and other factors that are conducive to a fulfilling life.

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Carb Management Program

We combine the science of carbohydrate cycling and intermittent fasting with the consumption of high protein, healthy fats and nutraceuticals. There is no need to count calories, collect points or become compulsive about reading nutrition labels, making our weight loss program easy to follow and maintain.

Carbohydrate Cycling

Many fad diets significantly restrict carb intake, while others forbid it entirely. The truth is that carbohydrates are an important macronutrient that your body needs to function properly, but it’s important to make sure you’re getting the right kinds, in the right quantities, at the right times. Improper consumption can result in excess carbohydrates being stored as stubborn fat.

Carb cycling keeps these important macronutrients in your diet. Carb cycling is the practice of consuming alternating carbohydrate intake at specific days and times. Depending on your needs, this may mean adjusting your carb intake on a daily basis or cycling through longer periods of low, moderate and high-carb diets. The goal is to time your carbohydrate consumption so it provides maximum benefit and to limit your carb consumption when they’re not needed. By combining strategic carbohydrate intake with high protein, good fats and targeted dietary supplements, your body remains in an accelerated metabolic state while preserving lean muscle mass. That means you lose unwanted fat safely and effectively.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting (IF) is gaining worldwide interest for good reason. Despite popular perception, IF is not a diet — it is a way of strategically scheduling your meals. Studies have proven that IF can help stabilize blood sugar levels, decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels, improve metabolism and accelerate fat loss. During periods of fasting, your body’s level of blood glucose significantly decreases. This, in turn, lowers insulin release, which results in  increased fat burning. IF also positively affects hormones in ways that can improve appetite control, optimize fat burning and reduce inflammation.

There are several different ways of practicing intermittent fasting. Our method of choice involves restricting your daily eating period to eight hours of your choice and fasting for the 16 hours in between. Another method involves consuming a very limited number of calories on two nonconsecutive days of the week and eating normally on the other five days. Your weight loss specialist will help you determine the optimal fasting schedule for your needs.

Healthy Fats

Fat, like carbohydrates, is an essential part of a healthy diet. Fat plays a role in numerous functions of the body and mind, including providing energy, bolstering the immune system, enhancing mental function, boosting performance, managing your moods and reducing cardiovascular disease. Your body needs fat to absorb several antioxidants and fat-soluble vitamins, and to aid in the formation of hormones. It’s also a key factor in regulating body weight.

A nutritious diet doesn’t require you to cut out all fat. Instead, it involves learning to focus on healthier varieties. Monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats are “good” fats that benefit your health. These fats can be found in foods like fish, seeds, oils, avocados, olives, eggs, nuts and nut butters. Adding more healthy fats to your diet can make you feel more satisfied after a meal, thus reducing hunger and promoting weight loss.

Comprehensive Wellness Support

Difficulty losing weight is sometimes associated with an underlying issue, like low thyroid function, hormonal imbalance or nutrient deficiency. Along with the Carb Revolution Program, the All Star Wellness Center offers a variety of supporting therapies and products to ensure your weight loss success and optimize your health. Our total body wellness solutions include IV therapy and nutrient injections to supplement a healthy diet and correct deficiencies. We provide in-office consultations to determine if you may benefit from integrating these approaches into your weight management program.

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Is PRP Therapy Safe?

PRP injections are performed in-office on an outpatient basis and typically take between 45 to 90 minutes to complete. PRP is an autologous treatment, which means it utilizes your body’s own healing resources to treat the affected area. This eliminates the possibility of an allergic reaction to your injections, as the substance is entirely natural and compatible with your own unique biology.

Adverse side effects are rare, but patients may experience pain or irritation at the site of the injection. Most patients can resume their normal activities immediately after the treatment, with downtime only being prescribed in relation to existing injuries. Improvement of your injuries should be observed over the course of a few weeks as the PRP works to regenerate tissue and reduce inflammation and discomfort gradually.


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