Esthetician Services

All Star Wellness Center offers many esthetician services that can correct your specific cosmetic concerns. Maxine Eyring, LE, is our in-house licensed esthetician and is a passionate esthetician. Her wide range of services can be combined and customized to suit your unique needs, and with her years of experience, she can teach you how to maintain a youthful glow. Esthetician services offered by Maxine include the following below:


Clinical Facials

Clinical facials utilize a combination of the best treatments in facial rejuvenation. The treatment is perfect for treating whiteheads, blackheads, dirt and dead skin cells clogging the pores and relieving the skin of uneven tone. The treatment can include a combination of a gentle facial massage, clinical face masks and the application of hydrating products, depending on a patient’s unique concerns.


Waxing is a must for patients with hair growth in unwanted areas and are tired of shaving every day. Waxing can effectively prevent hair growth for four to six weeks by removing the hair’s follicle. Nearly anywhere on the body can be waxed, including the face, bikini line, legs, arms and back.

Eyebrow Tint

Eyebrow tinting can add definition to the natural arches of the eyebrows. Under the experience of a professional esthetician, the semi-permanent dye utilized for the treatment can be custom made to suit your natural hair color, resulting in natural-looking results.

Ear Candling

Ear candling is a unique treatment that involves inserting a lit candle into a patient’s ear, which, while inserted, will help draw out a buildup of earwax and other impurities because of the heat. Essentially, an ear candle works like a vacuum. The warmth of the candle suctions out the ear canal impurities into the candle.

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Boost your beauty in a variety of ways at All Star Wellness Center of Maryland. Our wide range of services can help correct your particular needs. Your eyelashes can be transformed into an intense image with an eyelash tint and lift. Please contact us today at 443-808-1808 or visit our contact page to learn more about our services. 

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