Is Spinal Cord Stimulation the Right Treatment Option for my Back Pain?

The biggest benefits of spinal cord stimulation treatment are that it is a non-medicinal, minimally invasive, reversible pain treatment. However, not everyone is a good candidate for this pain therapy. Those who have undergone back surgery and are still in significant pain, suffer from a condition called FBSS or failed back surgery syndrome. They canRead More

When Muscle Problems Aren’t to Blame for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is, in 95 percent of cases, caused by muscle and bone-related issues of this area of the spine. The pain associated with the musculoskeletal system tends to remain central in the back. However, there are other causes of pain around the lower back that do not involve the muscles, bones, and jointsRead More

How Acute and Chronic Back Pain are Managed

There are ways to make sure that the medication prescribed to a patient is appropriate and adequate to control their level of pain. Physicians must try and look at the individual’s unique situation and circumstances when making a decision of what medication needs to be prescribed. Taking the example of back pain, for instance, whenRead More

Consistent Pain May Hide More Serious Gut Health Conditions

It happens to everyone at some point or other. Abdominal pains can occur without warning, be uncomfortable, painful and annoying. In most case, symptoms pass just as quickly as they begin, or, certainly within a few days. When stomach pain continues, a doctor will note the symptoms to ensure the pain is not indicative ofRead More